Saturday, June 13, 2009

Power Cleaning on 3rd revision

The day came on June 13th, 2009 when I was at the waiting room of Dr. O.A. Ibarra for my 3rd revision after having braces put on on November 2008.

In my previous visit (Jan. 2009) I was told that probably I would have two teeth removed from my upper jaw to make some space and that was to take place now and I was worried about it. Also because in April I suffered a new back injury which has kept me with uncomfortable pain and incapacitation for quite some time.

Today was only a quick follow up of about 30-45 minutes in which he ordered another panoramic X-ray of my mouth to get an updated view of the current state of affairs.

My teeth were cleaned thoroughly with some sort of bicabornate (baking soda) sand blasting technique. It was cool! it was painless! and my teeth looked slightly whiter too as they had suffered some extra coloration during the past months! Naturally I had a stingy feeling on my mouth for part of the day.

According to my orthodontist the previous minor surgery I had on my gum to remove the fraenum healed perfectly. My upper frontal teeth were almost together but for about 1 millimeter.

The lower molars were almost totally aligned (I have been amazed about this change after 45 years!) and believe it or not even my upper teeth feel pulled back. My bite feels different.

On my next visit a couple of days from now I will be examined by the surgeon that will do my orthognatic surgery and have some things installed by my orthodontist.

His other colleague (dentist) did a retouch of the aesthetic reconstruction of my upper frontal teeth (two) given that they have done quite a lot of rotation and alignment. Now they look even more beautiful like they had never been before!.

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