Monday, February 1, 2010

Hating the transparent power chain

Yes I hate it, I am very detailed in my mouth hygiene, brushing very often as well. It has been barely a week since the rubbery transparent power chain was (re)newed on my upper jaw and it already looks yellowy (disgusting!!!). The reason: I ate a Thai chicken with curry at Crepes & Waffles :(

I serioulsy thing the "transparent" power chain is counterproductive, you are better off with a strongly coloured one like red or blue, I don´t think those will get stained that easily. Anyway, just my experience.


Richard said...

Hi Kat,

Hope the braces are going okay and they are not getting too stained. Looking over some of your past entries I see it has been a long journey and there is still some work ahead it would seem. Orthognathic treatment and braces is a harrowing treatment to undertake and I would like to congratulate you on deciding to blog about your treatment.

I see you provide some Orthognathic links and I was wondering if you could provide a link to the which would provide you and your users with a wealth of information about dental matters.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Guide is the leading provider of cosmetic dental information online in the UK and the most visited in the world, and includes a forum and an expert answers section, so if you have any questions then feel free!

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Our homepage is:

I hope the treatment is going well and look forward to your future updates.


Maju said... I think you might update this blog of your many blogs, so I leave my news here. Best regards, Marjut de Finlandia