Thursday, August 30, 2012

Periodontal treatment...

Sorry it has been a long time since my last update. It has been nearly two years since I had my upper premolars extracted in Colombia. I became very demotivated due to the change from single jaw to double jaw surgery. I didn't know whether to abort the whole treatment or what and complicated with the breakup with my then (Colombian) girlfriend.

After extraction I briefly explored surgery in Panama but I didn't like what I heard, double jaw surgery and not even that pain and torment would close up the space left by the extraction of my two premolars! I felt as if my sane premolars had been amputated. I simply stopped caring.

Now nearly two (2) years after I have decided to resume orthodontic treatment. I am simply tired of braces and apparently the only way is to go back to the chair of torment again. I simply want to have those gaps closed.

Unfortunately this past 8 months I had a problem with the root of my lower front tooth getting exposed. The gums where very thin there and a pizza crust caused an injury that was made worse by brushing. Then I am told that orthodontic treatment ALSO causes gum recession!

Back in June of this year (2012) I had a small (1+ hour) surgery to have a gum implant to prevent further recession of my gums below my lower front teeth. I didn't have pain during the surgery, not even anxiety (I was given a pill for that) but right after it the burning sensation & pain began. Thanks God there was strong pain killer for post-op. But the next few weeks were a bit of a torment.

A week later I had the stitches removed, then a follow up a month afterwards and all was well. Except the implant was not to cover the exposed the root but to prevent further recession.

A few weeks ago I had another visit to the dentist & periodontist to seek covering the exposed root. However, he told me that for that the lower front teeth need some repositioning for that treatment to be successful and was advised to resume orthodontic treatment so that they could coordinate between them to have treatment completed and also treat my periodontic complication.

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