Monday, March 9, 2009

Lost a bracket :(

One month ago I was in a company meeting and was enjoying the dinner with my colleagues. The food was delicious (Indonesian) and soft. When I got home I started playing with my tongue -that way all brace wearers know- and felt something odd in the back of my mouth near the last molar.

I was thinking "Oh my God! please NO, not another broken tooth!" and my world was falling apart because believe it or not I HATE having dental work that has potential for being painful. Yes, don't ask me how I got to wear braces, I am holding on so far.

Anyway, when I got to the bathroom I spit out that piece of something that felt metallic. That is why I thought it was a big chunk of filling (amalgam). Well, as it turned out it was a full bracket! Thanks God I did not swallow it!!!

As it turns out it was the bracket sitting on my last molar which happens to be a crown. My orthodontist warned me that even though he used a much stronger glue for those two brackets-on-crowns it was possible that they might fall off. I was told to only eat soft things on that side.

Well, now I have a fallen bracket on the right side (lower jaw) with a large wire sticking out. I have not cut it, don't have where to but it is not bothering me so far. Then on the last molar (a real one) on the other side of the lower jaw I have an orphan bracket that lost the wire. As you read before in this blog the ortho that helped me out cut it.

I am having more inconveniences with the orphan bracket that has no wire than with the wire that has no bracket. I have to wait until June when I get my next appointment abroad. That means my lower archwire will have to be replaced. That means having all my lower brackets opened up (I have Damon self-ligating brackets) and that is PAINFUL.

Oh well, one day two years from now I hope to be smiling without a bunch of electromagnethic antennas installed on my teeth.