Friday, December 11, 2009

Not the crown! and other news

Well, back in October I apparently slept clenching my teeth sooooo hard that when I woke up I had pain my my 2nd to last molar of the lower jaw. Both of those last 2 molars have crowns but only the last one has a root canal. The one experiencing the pain was the 2nd crown (luckily I only have two which is more than enough).

I thought it was fractured and only kept together by the crown. A couple of days of very uncomfortable pain. I had to take some pain killers and typical of Dutch medical care I had to wait a couple of weeks before I could be seen by a dentist. This one was specialized in "fearful patients" and endodonthics (root canal).

She looked at it and told me the pulp at the end of the root was not infected but irritated but so far no need for a root canal. I was supposed to have a follow up 4 weeks after prior to my trip but by then I was so busy that I had to cancel. The pain had gone away.

A few days ago (already abroad) I decided to bite some peanuts (not hard) on that side and since then the crowned molar is acting up. I don't think I will have time to visit my orthodontist any time soon so I will probably have to deal with it here.

As for the jaw surgery I am doubting whether I should proceed with it. Now I have a calcium and vitamin D deficiency caused so I wouldn't want my bones to be hammered and cut when I have a calcium deficiency. I just hope my teeth don't break when they remove the braces. Oh yes, I am also thinking of just having them removed and go on the rest of my life as I am so far.