Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another painful experience :´(

Today after 14 months and 5 days since getting braces I had my follow up at the orthodontist. This is what happened today on my early (8AM) visit (tooth numbering chart here):

First both archwires were removed and on the lower archwire a binding wire had to be removed as well because due to the position of my two lower central incisors it was not possible to completely pass the archwire. The removal of this binding caused some pain. Opening the locks of the demon brackets was not painful this time, on my previous appt. (June 2009) a few were painful,especially the two lower central incisors.

Second to that was the removal of two brackets, one from my upper jaw tooth #11 (left canine/cuspid) the bracket needed to be repositioned. The removal of both bracket and glue was not a big deal. However, on the lower jaw tooth #25 (lower left central incisor) after the bracket was removed (a bit painful) he had to remove the remaining glue and THAT was very very painful! I was wriggling in the chair and would not like to go through that ever again! I thought the tooth was going to break or come out. In the end he had to use the grinder/drill to remove the rest. Both brackets were installed again but in a new position to adjust the teeth once the archwires are placed.

The third task was to grind some of the side that lower central incisor (#25) so that there is space to move around with less pain. That was not a big deal luckily.

Fourth came the placing of the archwires. The upper one was placed and brackets closed (daemon self-fixation) the same was done on the lower one. Unfortunately again there was some problem passing the whole archwire into position due to the new position of the lower central incisor bracket :( again a binding wire was used and that caused some pain on the sore tooth.

Last thing was the placing of another rubber power chain (unfortunately transparent so after some time it will get stained and look ugly) on the upper jaw to replace the one I removed a week ago. This one however is not as tight so that we can see if teeth move back to much or what. It is supposed to last there for a couple of months until my next visit.

So yes, a painful visit, no wonder a few weeks ago I had a nightmare (more like a premotion) that one of my lower central incisors had come out! Other than that all is good, still with a sore tooth but ok.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A new follow up

Just had my first follow up of the year after 6 months. Supposedly my lower wire was going to be changed and other things checked.

The outcome was the dental hygiene was very good (yeehaa!) and I had my teeth cleaned after the upper wire was temporarly loosened. All is looking good but surgery is not yet planned, but I may choose not to go for surgery.

He decided my lower archwire will remain as it is but some grinding will be done to let the brackets do the rest of the alignment. This will happen with the two front teeth of the lower jaw. The molar that has been bothering me (with crown) will probably be sanded down while we monitor what it is happening there.

On the upper jaw all is looking fantastic, all teeth aligned and retracted enough. Last week I removed myself the rubbery power chain that was supposed to have fallen off months ago. The teeth felt a bit painful (just faintly) for a few days because there was not chain traction.

Tomorrow the upper archwire will be replaced for another (I thought it was the last and thickest one). A new rubber power chain will be applied though I hope it is not transparent. Transparent is fine because in the beginning it is barely seen but as time passes it gets stained and in my opinion looks quite horrible! I hope he puts one with a color or something, better that than a horrible stained power chain.

He ordered a new panoramic XRay and a peri-something XRay of the molar with the crown that is bothering me every now and then. I had it done right away (paid about $14 for both!).

Other than that nothing else to report. I shall see tomorrow.