Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some videos about orthognatic surgery

Found these excellent videos about the operation without any blood spills (animations):

Good animations (a few others available from the same video author) without the horrific real-life blood & swelling that scare people off (I sure am!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A delay...

Things have been awkward locally, orthodontists from two sides of the family asking me to follow my treatments with them. In fact I had already started with one but this is just two awkward. Either way you end up annoying some part of the family!

Also, I really liked my original orthodontist and he had been doing my treatment for 21 months, 2 weeks and 5 days by now! Unfortunately, if I want to continue treatment with him it means I have to spend quite some money travelling abroad, not only the plane ticket but also the 1 week hotel stay! pfew! that really adds up! The dilemma is also, if extractions are going to be made then I won't be able to enjoy delicious Colombian food! and way to many times I had to miss great dishes due to aching teeth.

Another complication, the extractions were planned for Aug. but that couldn't go through because a friend came over for 5 weeks. In the meantime my upper teet had a missing link on both sides because the orthodontist had removed the brackets on the 4th tooth/molars that were "sentenced to death". Given the delay, I worried about having my front teeth displaced again. I found one of my old elastic power chains and installed it myself for the time being until I visit the ortho. I had a little tooth pain for a few days, meaning there had been some movement. That means I have to take action soon.