Monday, July 12, 2010

Change of Orthodontist :(

Well, all good things come to an end. Unfortunately the “miss” has decided to break dipomatic relations with your truly. It is well known that latin women have a special gene in their ADN that precludes any friendship from remaining after break-up, even if it was a friendly one.
Having said that, it had consequences. Going to Medellin for a week to visit my orthodontist would cost me nearly $1000 (USD) without extras (medical/dental expenses, food, transport). My orthodontist was a particularly good one but I have to be practical, especially with unemployment. So, now I have a (trusted) local orthodontist where I will continue my treatment. Here in this country however, Damon brackets are almost not used because nobody wants to pay the extra cost.
Double sadness, the end of a long standing relationship and leaving my current orthodontist. In particular this means that what was going to happen after the ortho treatment is now not in the list. He was going to rework my lower frontal teeth to restore the top of them that has been churn over the years.

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