Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unsure and pissed off.

As you all know I had my tooth extractions last October (2010) and then had to change orthodontist to a new one in my own home country (travel costs were becoming inpractical).

 Unfortunately the new orthodontist (20 years experience) tells me that he doesn't know why I let my teeth being extracted if I was unsure about having orthognathic surgery. I was told it would take 1.5 years to close the spaces but with the side effect of a class-2 bite (which I wasn't happy about). The new one tells me it can be a lot longer than 1.5 years! I am tired of these braces, had I known I would have ended it last October with a satisfactory (yet unperfect in terms of bite) result.

I am told that now my only alternative is to have orthognatic surgery to close those spaces and align my teeth properly. Needless to say I have never been "put to sleep". My palate is kind of weird because it is not quite an arched roof but something like an inverted klingon forhead (a protrussion on the middle) which makes me think how on earth they can put all of that together.

Anyway, I haven't heard from my new orthodontist in several weeks. I am awaiting for his study about my bite (he took some pictures) and prepare some sort of before and possibly after presentation. In Colombia -where I started treatment- it would have  costed around $2000 (US Dollars) but here about $5000 and I don't even have health insurance.


Price Scann said...

Sorry to hear about all this...I know we r in May 2011 and I hope things r going better for u, teeth wise:) I had braces for 4 years and have all 4 premolar extracted. Now I am 39 and I need to go through something again soon cuz the shifting is bad. When I remember all the pain I had to go through...I dn't wanna go...

Kat op 't Dak said...

Thanks, unfortunately things haven't improved. The new estimate is over $8,000 that insurance won't cover. They can't close my upper gap (extractions) because the profile of my upper lip is already straight, both the surgeon and ortho said that would look ugly. So, they advised on closing the gap with an implant :(.

Surgery was recommended for the lower jaw with further extractions. I don't think I will go through. I hope things get better for you, and get well advised. I am 47 and tired of wearing braces. All this pain for nothing.