Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back to the chair of torment

The two year pause in my orthodontic treatment has come to an end. As I indicated in my previous post I have some periodontal issues aggravated by the orthodontic treatment that need to be addressed.

Also, being in a new relationship for about a year I became motivated again to give an end (a happy one we hope) to my orthodontic treatment. I am really tired of wearing braces. It has been nearly 2 years since my premolars where extracted without any movement on upper teeth (lower are aligned already) and gosh, I think about 6 years since I got the brackets installed (01 April 2006), way too long!!!

I finally got in the mood and courage to resume treatment and visited my orthodontist. As usual the news weren't good, well, I have no cavities which is good news :-)

Basically, I have to get all X-Rays done again to check the state of affairs, not good for my thyroid glands... They are going to remove all my brackets (Damon) because they don't use that system and don't like it much for rotations :-(

So I will get a whole new set of tiny brackets and together with the micro implants and the retention stuff it comes down to another $3,000 !!! gosh! why wasn't I born with a perfect smile? I wish I could spend all that money into something else!

The expense is not the only bad news either... In order to pull the upper teeth that are in front of the premolar gaps backwards to align with my lower teeth, they will install two micro implants on my upper jaw between the root of two molars. These micro implants (micro screws) on each side of my upper jaw will be used to pull the teeth back without moving the molars in the back to the front so that the premolar gap is closed entirely by the teeth in front of the extracted premolars. Hopefully I will not have a class-2 byte.

More bad news... the treatment will last another 21 months!!! I'm going to go crazy, more than 5 years on brackets, when will I get to brush my teeth like everybody does? I hope all of this expense and pain is worth it, I want to keep all the teeth I currently have and once and for all feel confident about my smile.

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